The Global Gift Project

We’re crowdfunding a gigantic piece of art to be given as a gift from the US to people of Mexico.

The goal is to spark a chain reaction of gifts between the countries of the world.

Sounds cool, but why?

Our world is fragmented with invisible borders.

We think of ourselves first as German, Nigerian or Colombian rather than simply Human.

Meanwhile, humanity is facing monumental issues that will require global cooperation to solve...

Climate Change
The Refugee Crisis
The Rise of AI
The Water Crisis

This project seeks to remind us that we're all just a bunch of humans.

And we're in this together.

The Kicker

The crowdfunding will be limited to
$1 per person.

$3,000,000 from 3 million people. Yes, this sounds crazy. Hear us out...

This ensures the gift is from the people. Not 5 billionaires.

Everyone can participate, no matter their circumstances. Even children can participate.

It's a powerful story of what can be accomplished by many people doing something small together.

It will set the world record for the largest crowdfunding campaign by participants :)

Why Mexico?

Mexico has a long and difficult history with the US, from war to modern immigration issues. We think a gift to Mexico couldn't be better timed as President Trump continues to threaten building a literal wall between our two countries.

How do I help?

Who We Need

πŸ€‘  Accountant Apply

In charge of our books, making sure that we stay within budget and spend responsibly.

πŸ‘Ύ  Animator Apply

3D and/or motion graphics for our promotional videos

🎁  Gift Coordinator Apply

Logistics for gift contruction, shipment and installation in Mexico

πŸ–₯️  Graphic Designer Apply

In charge of designing drop-dead gorgeous graphics for our social channels, marketing needs and website.

🀝  Head of Partnerships Apply

In charge of finding beneficial partnerships to reduce costs and enable us to fund as many gifts as possible.

πŸ“±  Mobile Developer Apply

Creation of a mobile app for donation and tracking of the campaign

πŸŽ’  School Program Coordinator Apply

Creating an in-school program to allow students to be ambassadors of this project

🚐  Tour Coordinator Apply

Coordination of our nation-wide tour of the human-size statue to collect donations

βœ‹  Tour Helpers Apply

Volunteers for our nation-wide tour of the human-size statue to collect donations

πŸ’»  Web Developer Apply

Continued development of our website